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CSUSB Opera Theatre at the Garcia Center

The CSUSB Opera Theatre in collaboration with Arts Connection of San Bernardino and the Garcia Centre for the Arts presents Opera as Song: Excerpts from Robert Schumann's Liederkreis Opus 39 and Frauenliebe und Leben, along with Philip Glass and Leonard Cohen's Book of Longing.

Schumann’s Leiderkreis Opus 39, set to poetry by Joseph von Eichendorff embodies the spirit and themes of 19th-century German song: woods and nature, reflection on love, and mysterious eccentricity. The second cycle Frauenliebe und Leben, set to text by Adelbert von Chamisso, follows the life of a young woman who falls in love, marries and ultimately suffers the tragedy of her husband’s death. The cycle, which has for years been criticized for having patriarchal themes, takes an unexpected twist through this original adaptation by CSUSB Opera Theatre.

The final set of songs includes excerpts from the Philip Glass and Leonard Cohen song cycle, Book of Longing, composed for ensemble, singers, spoken word and imagery. The culmination of years of mutual admiration between two of the most celebrated musical artists of their generation, the piece features new music by Philip Glass that is inspired by Cohen’s collection of poems and his artwork of the same name.

Stacey Fraser, Director
Alastair Edmonstone, Music Director

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